Linescode: An Agent of Change

Michele Faugiana, Founder & COO, LinescodeMichele Faugiana, Founder & COO
From times immemorial, the business world has been reminded Heraclitus’ quote, “Change is the only constant.” Having maneuvered the same thought, Michele Faugiana, the founder and COO of Linescode, underscores how large traditional financial organizations might become dinosaurs if they are not making changes. Embracing the seismic changes, Faugiana leads Linescode to adapt rapidly to new market needs and capture new opportunities, while thinking globally. “The young heart of Linescode makes it a smart company that can move more quickly to a forest of dinosaurs. We see the market from a young perspective, so we can capture modern needs and promptly integrate them into our products, while constantly offering modern and cutting-edge solutions,” extols Faugiana.

Linescode primarily caters to financial organizations and electronic money institutions that continue walking on a tightrope of local and remote regulations to deliver electronic payments across the world. Despite the open banking protocol in Europe that makes it possible for banks to communicate among themselves and exchange messages in real-time, cross-continental transactions are still a hurdle for most banking software. Set against this backdrop, Linescode integrates cryptocurrency and other digital currency as a technology that aids in breaking frontiers. “We follow new protocols that enable customers to make financial transactions regardless of their location,” says Faugiana. In doing so, Linescode proffers an online banking software platform that specializes in the electronic money payments management and assists customers by providing possible business model implementations regarding online payments through its prime offering, Revogear. The platform’s “business model” configuration module features multi-currency, multilingual and multi-region formats catering to the country-specific requirements and regulations.

The eWallet-based Revogear platform also handles a diverse form of payments, which enables clients to run their business without using multiple third-party providers.

We follow new protocols that enable customers to make financial transactions regardless of their location

The wallets can not only be used to send money but also integrate with ecommerce and gaming platforms using mobile apps. Revogear comes with services such as real-time transaction analyzer, prepaid card transaction authorization system, and other merchant features. In addition, the company provides integrations with MasterCard, Visa, and other networks.

Revogear includes several software modules, like customer portal, corporate portal, mobile app, back-office, and antifraud console. The modular structure of the software makes it easy to customize and integrate new technology and business models while being highly scalable to support a greater workload. Linescode migrates to client infrastructure using cloud and replicates the messaging architecture and its performance level to bring down operational costs, which is highly beneficial to small entities.

From a security standpoint, Linescode leverages the cloud infrastructure to ensure the safety of online information. Integrating with Linescode provides customers with a financial system that ensures security checks, while another system carries out basic accounting. The Revogear module also monitors transactions, customer and network behavior in real-time. The software detects brute force attacks and possesses complete knowledge of transactions and flaws in the system.

One of Linescode’s clients sought a card product to launch a project for several thousand customers and had tried several solutions with little success. The Linescode team stepped in where others had failed, and released the ‘online wallet system’ offering consumer and corporate features, as well as card program management, within a period of ten months. “Our comprehensive software platform, competitive modular pricing, and readiness to open banking cause us to be compared to great banking software providers,” says Faugiana.

Moving ahead, Linescode aims to create a valid alternative to VISA and MasterCard to promote connectivity between financial institutions across the globe in real-time, which will exchange diligence files and monitor fraudulent behavior. “We aim to break the frontiers of international payments,” Faugiana concludes.