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Bankish: An Innovative Platform for Small Lenders

Top 10 Banking Tech Solution Companies in Europe - 2019

In this era of digitalization, never before has it been critical for banking institutes and financial firms to adopt technological inventions and use it optimally. The growth of data, the rise of fraud instances and breaches, and fluctuating expectations from the customers have propelled banks to and credit unions to embrace technologies that build strategies that are sure to be a winner in the financial market.

Today, although at a slower pace than other sectors, financial firms are catching up to other industries by incorporating artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and Internet of Things (IoT) to service their customers, remain competitive, and enhance business outcomes. All these technologies enable banks and credit unions to personalise user engagement, improve cybersecurity, and manage vast data pools. Also, blockchain works wonder for financial data security due to its distributed architecture and ability to track the transactions in a verifiable and permanent manner.

Many banking technology solution providers have cracked the code to utilize many such technologies to assist and guide financial institutes in their business growth. Banking CIO Outlook is highlighting 10 such Banking Tech Solution Providers in Europe that are utilizing the right technology and offering unparalleled solutions.

In this edition, we are glad to feature companies like Bankish, Soranus AG, knowis AG, and Fincite that are stirring a revolution in the banking technology space. We hope this issue of Banking CIO Outlook helps you to find the right match for your banking technology needs and empowers you to harbours a relationship-driven by technology, loyalty, and reliability.

We present to you Banking CIO Outlook’s “Top 10 Banking Tech Solution Providers in Europe - 2019.”

    Top Banking Tech Solution Companies in Europe

  • A part of the Penki Kontinentai Group, the sole objective behind the company’s establishment was to develop, implement, and maintain EFTPOS terminal networks and loyalty programs. Having earned quite the reputation for itself in the electronic payments and services landscape, ASHBURN International is now focused on designing its ingenious offering—TransLink.iQ—with an aim to effectively empower banks and processing centers to manage payment terminal networks and monitor, regardless the size and complexity of existing EFTPOS infrastructures. Serving as the bridge between banks and point of sale terminals, TransLink.iQ provides real-time terminal management, and ensures flexibility and safety during financial transactions

  • Led by finance experts with 25 years of individual experience in the lending expanse, Bankish is on a mission to tackle the long-existing woes of the small and medium lenders by providing an innovative SaaS-based lending platform. The platform meets the unique needs of the lenders and helps them improve their decision-making. It not only eliminates the capex in adopting the new system but also simplifies the data migration process. Bankish uses a proven data mapping methodology for migration, which improves time efficiency

  • In a world where human-based financial advice gets more expensive by the day, the group of underadviced customers is increasing, Fincite builds state-of-the-art digital banking technologies with its partners and clients. The company had made the first software connecting financial aggregation and individual financial planning directly. Fincite’s team consists of various quantitative and technology skills in financial modeling, quantitative investments, and asset management. While taking the driver seat to bring digital banking solutions to life, Fincite makes each of its customer’s journey with it enjoying

  • Knowis offers a digital banking solution that focuses on the lending business and automation of knowledge-intensive processes. The innovative technology provided by Knowis banking platform contributes to transforming bank-specific customer requirements into flexible and agile applications. The company supports banks in the automation of complex, knowledge-intensive processes in the credit business. The company develops a vision for the technical development of the credit landscape. The application, analysis, or collateral processes. The company’s banking platform links between the core banking system and various user interactions. The company’s innovative tools and concepts enable short project times and quick customization

  • Soranus AG’s entire attention is devoted to the successful implementation of projects at banks in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The company merge banking-technical and technical aspects into sustainable, customer-specific results, and build the bridge between business and IT. Soranus’s team solves problems and thus give banks and bankers back their freedom of action. This banking technology solution provider helps financial institutions successfully design and implement the digital transformation to exploit the full business potential. Soranus is a partner for banks in their IT strategy consulting and the evaluation of operating models, sourcing providers, or software solutions. The company has been supporting local and international banks in the design and implementation of regulatory projects too

  • Value3 is a B2B FinTech offering capital markets AI-platform for independent, predictive, and fully automated credit ratings, research, and analytics. The platform combines financial data with unstructured online digital footprints, news, events, trends, and patterns of the companies from diverse sources to transform data overload into actionable insights. Risk management technology, credit risk advisory, quantitative research, banking regulation, Basel IV, IFRS 9, executive risk management workshops, artificial intelligence, chatbot, fintech, predictive analytics, sentiment analytics, credit rating, and credit research are some of Value3’s solution offerings

  • S2M


    S2M is a historical player in secure electronic transactions. At S2M, its digital payment solutions come from significant research and development investments in critical technologies such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, blockchain, big data, and customer experience management. The company's technology solutions allow its customers and prospects to adopt digital transformation. With S2M solutions, digital banking transformation will happen at all levels. Its infrastructure, team, product offerings, and services are dedicated to innovation. As a One Stop Shop', S2M meets all the new mobility, instantaneous, and business intelligence challenges of financial institutions and provides them with complete electronic payment solutions



    Enterprise Spa is an Italian Company, leader in the Banking Software Industry both on a national and international level. This provider offers custom-made solutions for every type of bank. The company has the capacity to listen to the business, technological, and organizational requirements of client banks, both national and foreign. App4bank is Enterprise Spa’s mobile solution that allows the customer to operate on the move, in a simple, quick and secure way in relation with its bank and to manage all banking services from mobile devices. Its Portal4bank is an internet banking platform that allows customers to connect online 24/7 to their bank and carry out all the operations permitted on their accounts

  • IMTF


    IMTF is an international, privately owned software and application integration company with headquarters in Switzerland. The company builds RegTech software solutions to improve operational efficiencies, manage regulations, and engage with customers across all channels. IMTF’s AML and KYC compliance solutions are best-in-class solutions to identify and report suspicious activities related to money laundering and terrorist financing, ensuring compliance with current regulations. IMTF operates worldwide and serves clients in over 50 countries. Its team of more than 200 IT specialists and business experts globally constitute a competent network as the prerequisite for sound, long-term client relations in the banking industry

  • SafetyPay


    SafetyPay innovates in the financial services segment applying technology-based business processes in its solutions—FinTech. It operates in 17 countries through more than 100 banks worldwide, offering solutions in Latin America, the United States, Europe, and Canada. The business provides a secure e-payment method that enables cash sales through a variety of sales channels, such as e-commerce or call centers, for consumers who wish to pay directly through their bank account or in cash without a bank account. Some of SafetyPay’s specialties include international and global payment solutions, alternative payment solutions, global multi-channel marketing programs, market penetration, and strategic planning, and sight payment